Found Ephemera

Recently, I decided to organize the paper stash by color.  It wasn't long before my "throw" pile contented dozens of cover sheets from the paper collections that were opened.

They were made of the same coveted card stock that was stacked lovingly in the bookcase.  What was I thinking?!?!  Surely these could be used for something deliciously crafty.  With scissors, die cuts, and glue in hand, I was on a mission.  

I began by cutting them down to more manageable squares and rectangles.  

Look at this gorgeous lot of paper paradise! It was amazing how much of the cover sheets were salvageable.  Honestly, a large bit of them were left untouched as I wanted the option to customize them for future projects. 

Here are a few of the ephemera created from the lot.  There were several boarders made (one is shown on the completed card), along with flowers and butterflies.  Oh My!  

It was a wonderful find that ended in an afternoon of fun.  Beginning this month, I am challenging myself to use what I have and not buy every new bobble.  My hope is to find creativity within the limitation.  

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