Removing Air Bubbles from Gelli Plates

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere!  BUT, Bubbles on your Gelli Plate is not a pretty sight. Air bubbles can get trapped between the clear plastic sheet and the Gelli plate, and imprints can be left in the plate until it resettles to it's originally smooth surface.  Here are the steps to remove them, with thanks to GelliArt for the help.

1.  Remove mylar/plastic sheet and clean plate using baby wipes, water+paper towel, hand sanitizer.  Make sure plate is dry with no droplets or moisture beads left on surface.  Also make sure there is no dried paint that might imprint on the plate.

2.  Take 2 pieces of plain white copy paper (make sure they don't have creases or wrinkles in them) and attach to each side of the Gelli plate.  Make a fist and use the side of your hand to smooth out each side as until both surfaces are as flat as possible.

3.  Lay the plate (with both sheets of paper still attached) on a hard flat surface.

4.  Place approximately 5 pounds of weight on top (i.e. a ream of paper or something of similar weight).  It's important that the object you are placing on top is flat on the bottom and big enough to allow for even weight distribution onto the plate below.  Any differences in texture may imprint on the plate, and uneven weight may also reduce this method's effectiveness.

5.  Leave to sit overnight.  Remove the sheets of paper 1 at a time and see if bubbles have gone away.  If so, use copy paper on each side when storing, making sure to smooth out the surfaces each time.  It is normal for the plate to lose some it's transparency and will not affect printing.

Gelli Plates available at and come in several different sizes.  8x10 shown here.
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