Heathens Art Journal

Welcome to the mind of Beth!

I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to turn back.  For what you are about to witness is what happens when an artist gets a song stuck in her head.  As it bubbles and brews to the surface, beloved childhood stories get twisted with adult horrors.

If you think you are strong of heart continue on, as Blurry Face introduces you to the heathens in her head.  Skip, or run screaming, down the Yellow Brick Road.  Be mindful of the breadcrumb of clues (and perhaps a few hints) that may help you dig up the identity of the heathens you meet.  Good Luck!  (insert evil laugh here.)

This journal was created from an old children's book.  Our heathens
had a beginning too.  Hint: This childhood act can be the foundation to
future bad behavior. 

Auntie Em and Uncle Henry pose for a picture.

Hint: From their names you'll find the farm hands were also musicians.

Hint:  Mrs Gulch has roots in Christmas legends.

Hint: This witch is not very good.  The clue to her last name is in her wand.

Now our witch has plenty of bubbles.

The heathens continue with the unfinished scarecrow. There will be more to come.

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